Bits and Pieces

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. I guess there just isn't much to say. I have come up with a few random things that have happened/are going on lately...

* Go Vikings!! Need I say more?
* I've been running on the treadmill a lot lately. I ran 5 miles last night.
* I have no gray hairs on my head, but I grow gray eyebrows! Weird!
* Went to MOA today with Nana and the kids. MLK day, so no school.
* I'm liking this warmer weather, but would prefer a little warmer.
* I've started drinking coffee. Must have cream and sugar though.
* My arm hurts from playing Wii Saturday night. Not sore from running, but Wii ...
* Sam's hair is getting pretty long, but I think I'll let it grow a bit more and see how it looks.
* Ella is celebrating her 1/2 birthday at school this week.
* I got a lot of spam e-mails this morning about Russian blonde's. I'm not really interested.

Well I think that should hold ya'll over for a while. We return now to your regularly scheduled programming...