Octomom in a bikini???

So the babies are turning one and octomom thought to pose in a bikini. Nothing like trying to keep yourself in the media.

You can see the pictures here. Now I'm no doctor, but in ~my~ opinion there is NO. WAY. that her stomach can be that flat without surgery. She says it was just diet and exercise but I don't believe her. Have you seen the before pictures? You can see some here if you really want to. (warning: scary photos!)

So yeah, going from that ~huge~ stomach WITH stretch marks to flat with no marks is pretty far fetched to say the least. Her skin would be just too stretched out to bounce back like that.

Well that's my opinion on that. Anyone else want to weigh in with your opinion???


Becky said...

i agree, no way. I read that the article is supposed to talk about a natural way she invented to get rid of stretch marks. She must of had some kind of surgery done. She's a moron!

Queen Bee said...

i was thinking that tmz or some other group had found out that she did have plastic surgery not long after the babies were born. think of all the excess skin she would have!

i will get her a *teensy* bit of credit, as she does workout regularly and that's more than i am doing.....