Down to the Wire

As Ella reminded me this morning it's only three days until Christmas. Now I've had my shopping done for a long time and everything has been bought, but nothing has been wrapped. My closet is jam packed full of everyone's gifts. (I can't wait to get them all out!!) I do need to finish up on a few handmade items, but that won't take long.

Sam was battling a little virus the past couple days. Just a fever, nothing else. He's currently still sleeping and I think he'll be back to normal today. I've also had a little head cold and am feeling much more energy today. I'm very glad that everyone should be feeling excellent by Christmas. (Not that a little cold would have slowed us down!)

I'm going to get started baking my sugar cookies today! Sugar cookies are my favorite, but they really are a pain in the butt to frost. I'm planning on doing more fun frosting this year than previous years though. They do turn out so pretty.

Today is Ella's last day of school before winter break. It's pajama day at school and they're going to be watching the Polar Express at school. Here she was this morning all ready to go to school...

The good news is that the snow we were supposed to get tomorrow is going to mostly miss us, so only an inch or so. Since I shoveled up about 6 inches Monday night that is good. I'm seriously running out of space to put the snow!! When you stand on the road in front of the house it's starting to get buried in snow. It's pretty crazy.

Off to get to work!!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

It is neat how Ella's school has such interesting things for the kids. She looked real cute standing in front of the tree just before school. Now the fun part the Christmas vacation.

Sorry to hear about Sammy it is never fun when you can't be 100%.

I liked you cookie list. Vicki's favorite is also the "butter rum" cookies.

Yep the snow is just missing us also (2"-4"). The next system that is just leaving the coast is also suppose to go just south of us.