Christmas Goodies

Yum yum, it's that time of year!! I love baking all sorts of delicious treats for the holidays. Usually I've started by now and I have things already made and ready to go. This year I've decided to hold off a little. Mostly because I don't want to eat them and have to make more. I usually end up with many, many leftovers which isn't good for the waistline. :)

Most of my cookies come with us to Sioux Falls over New Year's, so I have time before I need them. For Christmas Eve I'm baking a layered dessert and a snowflake cake. They are both yummy and I hope I have leftovers!

Most years I tweak my cookie list to include one new cookie and maybe don't make something that wasn't super good the year before. I haven't found anything new this year to make though.

Here are the cookies that I'm going to make this year:

*Sugar cookies
*Butter rum cookies (my favorite!!)
*Magic bars (also called mounds bars)
*Carmel fudge bars
*Million dollar carmels (this was my new one last year)

What are your favorite holiday goodies??? I need a new one for my list this year!!