Christmas Music

I like Christmas music. Really I do, but not all the time. They start playing it around Thanksgiving and I think that is just far too early to hear it. This feeling continues until a week or so before Christmas and then I realize that it's nearly Christmas and I haven't listened to Christmas music. This happens every year and I can't seem to get around it.

One of my favorite things to do was to play Christmas music on the piano. I've played piano since I can remember. Took lessons growing up and we had a piano that we bought when we lived in Sioux Falls but sold a few years ago because we didn't really have the room.

I'm happy to announce that once again I have a piano!!

There has been a lot of Christmas music playing around our house the last few days. :)

Hearing Christmas music at church really gave me the bug that I wanted to play again. And Ella's at the age where she could start learning if she wants to. I found this great piano on Craigslist and a great price and got it all checked out/bought/moved within two days.

It's like a great Christmas present. Even though it really isn't a Christmas present. See, there's no bow on the top! :)


Queen Bee said...

it's beautiful!

i feel the same way about Christmas music. sometimes it's just too much, other times it's just right.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Nice to see the piano back in the picture. Also I am really sure that Ella and Sammy will enjoy it.

We liked your picture of Ella and evergreen trees.

Christmas is really close and it sounds like you everything is done but to open the presents. I still have Vicki to get, but didn't want to do it on Saturday or Sunday.