Christmas Tidings



Definition of TIDING

: a piece of news —usually used in plural tidings>

Origin of TIDING

Middle English, from Old English tīdung, from tīdan to betide
First Known Use: 12th century

This is in case you didn't know the exact meaning of tidings, which I didn't. So I guess this post could also be titled Christmas News.

I made and and finished my sugar cookies yesterday. They turned out very nice and I'm glad to have them checked off the list.

I have a lot of other cookies to do, but these are the most time consuming. I'm in the process of baking a snowflake cake today. I hope it turns out well. I also have all the wrapping to do tonight. I will not be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve.

Here is out Elf, his name is Oliver...

Every night he reports to Santa and comes back and hides in a different spot. (Also known as the "Elf on a Shelf".) Ella loves finding him every morning. Sam likes him, but isn't quite into it as Ella. Tomorrow night is his last night with us until next year.

I can't believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve day. It seems to get here so slowly and then pass so quickly.

Tis' the season!!


Queen Bee said...

awww, the Elf on the Shelf!

those cookies look delicious! have a Merry Christmas!

BreakingDawn said...

I have two antique elves. They hang on the tree. They are the ones who hug their knees. That is very clever. How many cookies do you make? Wow!