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The State of Iowa (IPA: /ˈaɪəwə/) is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States of America. It is the 29th state of the United States, having joined the Union on December 28, 1846. The state is named for the Ioway people, a Siouan tribe of Native Americans that formerly lived there. It is officially known as the "Hawkeye State" and unofficially known as the "Tall Corn State".

We went down to Iowa this weekend to visit Uncle Bob & Auntie Jill. We all had a great time! It's so nice a peaceful down there. Almost makes me want to move to the country. Thanks guys, we had a great time!!!

Ella had a great time running through the yard and chasing fireflies during the night.

Apparently the guys thought the bed was VERY comfortable. Check out that morning hair!!

Ella has her new backpack that she got for her birthday. She likes wearing it. I guess she's getting ready for school next month. I put braids in her hair. She looks so cute!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Looks like fun was had by one and all. Ella and Sammy are cute as usual. Grandma loved the braids. I liked Ella's big smile while wearing the backpack (yep school is just around the corner). I thought Bob's yard looked real nice it doesn't look like they need rain. We like your imput on Iowa.

Anonymous said...

My gosh...I learned some things about Iowa that I did not know. Thanks Shannon. We loved having you guys visit. I did enjoy sitting on the deck and having Ella chase the fireflys and having Sammy be so adorable. I don't know that I have ever known children as well behaved as Sammy
and Ella. I think Sammy left some of his toys at Uncle Bob's office. He came home on Monday with two wooden toys that were very cute!!!!We hope you bring the kids and come visit again soon. We
loved having you. The pictures are adorable. I LOVE Ella's braids. I can't wait for the picture of her first day as she goes to school. Be sure to send us that picture. Kiss Sammy and Ella for us.
Auntie Jill and Uncle Bob