Clapping Sam

Sammy has been working on his clapping. It's very cute.

Today I decided to wash up all the clothes that I've purchased recently at the garage sales. I thought Grandma would really appreciate all the things that I've got so I wanted to take a picture for her. Zan thinks I do a good job, but I wanted to show Grandma too. I counted and there are about 45 pieces of clothing. They are mostly for this winter, but some are for next summer too. Considering the average price paid was $.75 each, it's a pretty good deal. I also found great deals for next summer for both of them at Penney's and Old Navy too, which aren't pictured....


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Yep the clapping is cute and so is "Smiling Sammy" (don't worry I won't call him that often it's just that he always has such a big smile). Grandma got a kick out of the purchases and I did too. We agree with Zan you do a great job. (We viewed the blog late last nite after Vicki got home, but it was so late I thought I would answer this morning.).