Happy Anniversary!!

We made it 7 years! The time has gone so fast, I can't believe it's been that long. We've had a great 7 years with 2 wonderful children and plan to have another great 7 more. (years, not children) :)

In honor of the big day I thought I'd put up a couple pictures. I would put more, but I can't seem to find my other photo album. Maybe next year.


Vicki and Zan said...

Those pictures bring back a flood of happy memories for that week we spent up there for your wedding. (Everything was perfect). The following 7 years have just flown by but you guys look the same (7 yrs younger). Over the last 7yrs you two have brought Vicki and me a lot of happiness and pleasure. We feel that you two make a great couple, fantastic parents, and just all around wonderful human beings. We are very proud of both of you.

Love Vicki and Zan