Some Random Things

There isn't much going on around here, but I thought I would put up some pictures and a video or two. The kids and I just got over a cold. It seems Zan has missed the boat so far, but you never know. Ella got it Monday, Sam on Wednesday and me Friday night. But we're doing much better. Notice in the second photo that Sam is standing next to Ella. :)

Here's a video of Sam standing and taking a few steps. He always does his best work when there isn't a camera in sight. But this is a start...


Anonymous said...

I beat grandpa again!!!!Thanks for the pictures. It's amazing to me that Sammy is almost one. AND that Ella is going to be going to school. It seems like just a couple months ago, as I was driving home on a Thursday night, I got a call from Ryan saying I was an Aunt again. I couldn't have been happier. i DO LOVE my great niece and great nephew(and Shannon, Ryan and Romeo). I love the pictures...so keep them coming. Couldn't get on my computer for the last two nights because I was in Sioux City. It doesn't work there for me. Talk to you later.
Aunt Jill