A Trip To The Zoo

On Wednesday we went to the zoo. We joined Jodi, Elisabeth, Hannah, Sarah and Jessi at the Como zoo. We all had a really great time. Our favorite exhibit was the butterfly house that they had this summer. There were so many butterflies and they would land on you and fly all over. There was a small dragonfly that landed on Sam's arm. Thankfully he didn't notice because I'm sure he would have tried to eat it. Ella was walking around with her arms outstretched to get one to land on her and one did land on her hand.

All in all we had a great time and by the time we left the kids were just pooped out!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

We enjoyed the "zoo trip" photos. It nice that you have old friends with kids, so you guys can do somethings together and the kids can play. That is a real cute picture of Ella, Elisabeth, and Hannah holding hands. (Vicki told me how Ella pronounced Elisabeth. I loved it.). We could just see Ella walking around with her arms outstretched waiting for butterflies to land. (That gave us a chuckle. It's to bad they can't be going to school together. Vicki thought Sammy is looking older and I agree. By the way we looked at the pictures last nite but I was to tired to make any comments.

I stopped by to she great grandma today and she showed me the present you sent and the cookies. She was really pleased and proud of what you sent. And she showed me the card.

Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob said...

What adorable pictures. Sammy does look more mature:-). When you mention "butterflies" I immediately think of our Ella. They are synonyms.I imagine her first day of school is this week. I hope we have some pictures of it.
Grandma Lil LOVED her present. She called me on my cell phone, which she never does, to tell me about the package. She said, and I agree, we are very blessed to have someone like Shannon in the family. She adds so much. She had a harder time saying it...but that's how it was supposed to come out. As far as the birdie pooping on your head...you know what they say about the Foo bird. If the Foo shits...wear it.
Cody goes to college for 2 months on Thursday. We will miss the little rascal. On September 7th it will be 1 year since we lost Annie. When I feel sad I think of my nephew, niece, great niece and goddaughter and great nephew. They make me happy.
Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob