Air Show

Today we went to the Wings of the North air show at Flying Cloud Airport. Ella had such a great time. She was very excited to see and touch the airplanes!

It's been a few years since we went to the air show. At least before we had kids. It hasn't changed too much in the past few years and most of the planes were the same. My favorite is probably the B12 bomber. Very cool!!

Zan's most favorite plane in the whole wide world (his words) is the Corsair that his grandpa flew in the war.

Of course we had to get some ice cream since it was quite warm outside. Sam got his first taste of it and really liked it! (This does not mean you can give him candy and ice cream though grandpa!!) Ella eats her ice cream way too slowly!


Anonymous said...

I beat grandpa with my comments!!!!!!!!!! I love the pictures of the kids and Ryan by the Corsair. It is a pretty cool plane. I love all your clothes from garage sales. Don't buy so many that grandma and aunt jill can't buy any. Sammy took his first steps!!!!!!It seems like it was just Ella taking her first steps. The kids are growing up way to fast. Of course Sammy likes ice cream...he's a Swanson!!!!Hope you got Sammy's toys. I mailed them on Tuesday. I figured he didn't have enough toys...he might miss them. Keep the pictures coming. I will look at the web site three days straight and there is nothing new. Then, when I can't use my computer on the road,there are new pictures posted. Oh well...I love looking at them.
Kiss the kids
Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Looks like you guys put in a full day. Grandma commented that it is nice that you guys can do family things on the weekend. I bet Ella was happy she likes to watch those airplanes and helicopters. They sure looked like they enjoyed the ice cream (one of grandpa's favorite dishes and no ice cream or candy without special permission from the parents). Ya that Corsair is special to the family and the B12 is cool also.

Grandma said she liked all the clothes. I was happy to see Aunt Jill beat me to the comments.