It's Friday and I'm sitting in my garage waiting for someone to come to my garage sale. I wasn't sure if I was going to even open it up today, but why not? At least for a little bit. I told my mom not to bother coming today. It wasn't going to be busy and the kids are so good anyways.

Wednesday was a very good day! Yesterday about half as good. Maybe today will be half as good as yesterday? While I noticed that the tables weren't nearly packed full, there are still a lot of things left!! Nice things too. I always find it funny what people buy and don't buy. There are things you think are the best (and they are), but they stick around. Then there are the pieces of garbage that are the first to go. Strange!

Ella and the rest of the kindergartner's put on a little singing show last night at the school. It was very cute. Unfortunately Ella was in the front row and we couldn't really see her at all. They needed to be somewhere where the parents could see better. Oh well she had a good time. Her last day of school is next Thursday. Which reminded me that I scheduled an appointment for my car next week not realizing that Ella was still in school. I need to reschedule that.

I put my dresses that I made in a special spot at my sale. I sold one yesterday and have gotten many comments on how cute they are. Now most of my neighbors know where to come if they need a dress made.

My garden is doing well. Something has been nibbling on my cucumber and melon seedlings. I went online trying to find out what it could be. My best guess is that it was the birds. I haven't seen any bugs and from what I read that was my best guess. At least I planted enough so I should still be okay. Now I know for next year. My pepper plants are doing very well. I have found a couple caterpillars on them. They've been chewing on the leaves a little, but not hurting too much. I just pick off the offending bug and throw them as far as I can. Hopefully they don't find their way back to the garden.

I have very high hopes and big plans for all my veggies, so lets hope they start getting bigger fast!

They're going to be building the house right next to us starting next week. It's going to make for a loud summer. Not that it's not loud around here with the many houses their building around us, but this is the closest one. It will be nice when they're all done. I was hoping they would building during the winter, but oh well.

Back to my sale I go......