So I did it. I purchased a compost bin. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by it, but thought I'd give it a shot. I purchased this one. It was inexpensive, reasonably attractive and I put it together very easily last night in my garage.

Now if you had asked me years ago if I would be composting in my very large garden while my healthy eating, cloth diaper wearing children were running around their knitting, canning, sewing mother I would have laughed and laughed at you. This is not how I pictured myself years ago, but I really like it. I think we should be living on a farm, but that's another story.

Composting seems a little tricky to me, but I figure everything seems tricky until you get the hang of it. I know my garden could really use the fabulous soil that it will produce so I'm excited to get it going. The first thing it says is to put leaves and other brush on the bottom. I have none of this, but there are many trees and forests around so I will go foraging soon.

I will keep you updated.

If anyone has any composting tips to share I would greatly appreciate it!!! :)


Anonymous said...

What a naturalist you are becoming. Next you will be eating pine nuts!!!Love the pictures from your trip to Sioux Falls. They were all very good. Even the ones of grandpa and grandma. We had a wonderful time with everyone. It's just the weekend went to fast.
I'll be waiting for some home-made strawberry jam.

Uncle Bob and Uncle Jill (I love it) :-)

Julia said...

we composted a couple years ago before we moved. basically, we threw things like banana peels, apple cores, grass, weeds, etc in there. ended up with some great soil we used for planting more veggies!!