Whirlwind Weekend and Busy Week Ahead

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot of fun over here and got many things done.

We spent Saturday at the beach and the kids had a fun time. Sam hadn't been to the beach before, but I'm sure he'll want to go back again really soon. I brought my camera, but left my memory card at home, so I'll have to get pictures next time.

Sunday wasn't as nice weather wise so we stayed home and got a few things done.

Monday was beautiful so we took a bike ride. We planned to go on a long ride, but the trail wasn't marked at all and we didn't go the right way. After a short trip we turned around and headed the other direction, but that trail ended before we got to our destination. I don't think they've finished the trail. Either way we did get a nice ride in.

I've been busy getting ready for my garage sale this week. Yikes the garage is so full of stuff! I just don't have enough room for everything on my tables. I'm hoping a lot of stuff sells right away so I can reorganize a little and make things more spacious.

Wish me luck on the sale. Thankfully my mom will be coming to help watch the kids. Ella only has 8 more days of kindergarten left!! I'm not ready to have a first grader yet though! It's all going so fast.