Wednesday Wonders

Catchy title eh? I didn't have anything else in mind.

We returned Sunday evening from our trip to Sioux Falls to visit grandma and grandpa. We had a nice time and the weather was great! The kids miss seeing grandma, grandpa, uncle Bob and uncle Jill. Yes, Sam calls auntie Jill uncle Jill, very funny!

I'm bringing our lawn mower to a guy today who can hopefully give it a nice kick in the butt and make it work better! I've dreaded having to mow the yard because it doesn't always start. Usually what happens is I get it started pretty easily the first time, but then it goes downhill from there.

By mid-afternoon, hours after I've finished the front you can usually find me in the back yard cussing at my mower trying to figure out why it won't start. I don't like the fact that mowing the yard takes all day when it should take no less than an hour. So hopefully all it needs is a good tune-up.

My garden is doing nicely. I have a lot of strawberries that will be ripening here shortly. I think I'm going to freeze them until I have enough to make a batch of jam. Yum!

Here are some pictures from our trip:


Queen Bee said...

love the pics!!

one of our strawberry plants is cranking our the fruit and the other one (which is also the larger one) produced a few berries and has pooped out! hmm. we have a ton of tomatoes getting nice and big though!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We enjoyed the pictures of the kids and the your family group pictures and the kids really dressed up the car. We did enjoy your visit. Ella and Sammy are getting so big and really a joy to be around. The lawn mower problem is interesting hope you get if fixed. Glad to hear you garden is doing so well. Watch those birds if I remember they just love to eat the strawberries when they are ripe. The timing is great to it's about a 1/2 day before you want to pick them. Anyway good luck with the garden and lawn mower.