Rainy Days

As I sit here typing this I can hear/see the rain pouring down. There have been small but very heavy downpours this afternoon. It seems to be the new normal these days. I actually managed to get the yard mowed around lunch time and I'm really glad I did. The amount of mushrooms growing in our yard is astronomical!

Since there isn't much to do on rainy days (my birthday included) I've been sewing. I made Ella a dress for her birthday. I'm very proud of this dress for a few reasons. First I ordered the pattern and fabric online. Neither of which was cheap. So I followed the pattern exactly and took my time to make it right. It turned out so cute! It's perfect!


Julia said...

happy birthday!! that dress is adorable!! Can't wait to host the giveaway for your dress on the blog!!! I believe it's slated for July 11th!!

and did you make those little desserts?? those are adorable! how did you do it??