Nuk Free Zone

Yesterday I decided it was ~the~ day to say good-bye to the Nuk Nuk. I informed Sam of this at his nap time. It didn't go over well.

I took Ella's away when she was 18 months, so he's been hanging on longer. He only has them during nap and bedtime but lately he's become quite attached. And not attached like he has to have them but when he's sleeping he likes to have one in his mouth and be holding onto the others.

He's like a little Nuk hoarder...

Nap time didn't go so well. He wimpered and asked for his Nuk's for a while. I went in after about a half hour and consoled him a bit. He wasn't crying for a half hour beforehand either. Just a little wimper here and there then it would be quiet and he'd start up again. Anyways after I went in and cuddled he went to sleep shortly thereafter.

I wasn't sure how bedtime would go but it was a breeze! He asked once for his Nuk and I explained that he was a big boy and didn't need his Nuk anymore. I guess he was okay with that and not a tear was shed.

Since his mouth didn't have anything in it there was a bit more singing and talking before sleep came though. :)

He's still asleep now but I'm sure he'll be a happy camper this morning too!!

(These are all old photos. The bottom is one of my favorite!)


Queen Bee said...

awww! the top pic is so pitiful!

i hope today goes easier for Sam without his Nuk. :)

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We got behind and just read your blogs. Loved the Sammy and mommy questions that included the Target trip story. Ryan was well known for his continue chatter, as was someone else. You are right a big sister does help. The banana bread sounds good thanks for sharing the recipe. We felt sorry for Sammy and his nuk (what a sad face but cute picture). Also loved the happy pictures that followed. Sounds like your consoling was a big help in his time of need.