Is It Spring Yet???

I think I can safely say that we all have a case of spring fever around here. We're just itching to get outside (in the warmth) and enjoy the outdoors again.

Thankfully it has been somewhat warmer and sunnier this past week so the kids and I were able to play out back in the snow. There is a lot of snow too! I tried digging all the way to the grass and after about 12 inches and a couple frozen layers I finally reached the bottom.

They had fun and want to go back outside but it's going to be getting colder next week and I don't like to be outside when it's cold and neither does Sam so we'll wait for the warmer temps again. Ella gets to play outside every morning before school, so she gets her fill.

Other than watching the snow melt there hasn't been too much going on. On Wednesday I baked cookies for the Lenten supper at church. The kids and I dropped them off at church after lunch. We can't make the service because Ella has swimming lessons Wednesday evening, but I can bake them cookies!

I made some homemade whole-wheat pasta this week too. I've really enjoyed making the pasta and am very impressed with how well it turns out and how yummy it is. Everyone eats it all up. NUM!!

Ella's class celebrated their 100th day of class on Wednesday. It looks like they had quite a good party!

And last, but certainly not least I baked some cupcakes for Valentine's Day. This was actually a last minute thing. I had a roast in the oven all day long so I couldn't bake anything. While we were finishing dinner I thought we needed a special treat and luckily I had all the necessary supplies.

I think they went over well...


Queen Bee said...

those cupcakes looked divine!

i was really counting on some warmer temps by the beginning of march... last yea we were able to go out in short sleeves and shorts on my birthday, but i'm afraid it may be snowsuits this year!

it looks like the kids had a blast in the snow!!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Kids sure looked like they enjoyed the outdoors. But brrrr we have had enough. We are also anxious for warm weather. All the pics looked great even the pasta and can't for get the cupcakes. From the pictures Ella and Sammy like them. Loved Ella and the 100 day picture.