Okay, here goes...

Time for an update, huh?

Today we went to get my car serviced and by the time I got home the brakes were shaking when I stopped, so we need to go back tomorrow to have them looked at. Not a big deal, but they're 45 minutes away, so annoying. While they were working on the car we went across the street and had lunch. My car is less than 100 miles away from being over 100,000 miles! Wow, both our cars will be over that mark. That's a lot of miles driven on our cars. My car is exactly 6 years old as of today too.

Ella's been having a fun time in her swimming lessons. I actually got a little video of her last time.

Sam got his hair cut. Instead of taking him to the salon I just decided to do it myself. I think it turned out pretty well. You've gotta like it when I get half-way done and he looks at me and says, "All done!" Not yet buddy...

He still wears his Viking's jersey proudly. He was quite smiley that morning so I snapped a few pictures while the getting was good.

Sam's been hard at work with his tools. The drill is his favorite. Followed by his wrenches.

Both kids are over their colds. Not that they ever slowed them down, I just never wanted anyone else to catch them. (Trying to be a responsible parent.)

I've been working on some new knitting creations. Here's a hat I finished for Sam. I like the fish. It was a little tricky trying to get the pattern down and then get it to work, but I think it turned out well. He likes it.

Here are some of the treats I was making for Valentine's Day. A few lucky people received these in the mail today (I hope). They were pretty yummy and looked oh so very cute!

Ella brought home a little bowl she made in art/pottery class. It's her first art project (other than pictures, etc.) that she's brought home. It's now proudly displayed on the shelves in the living room. I'm sure over the years there will be many more.

I've been keeping up with my running. At this rate I think I'll need to adjust my miles for the year. I think I'll be doubling it. Some days the running comes a little easier and other days I just don't have it in me. I'm still nursing my shin splints, but the pain seems to linger.


Anonymous said...

Ella is such a good little swimmer. She looks like a much older than 5 years old!!!Love Sammy's haircut. He looks so all American. I like the short, clean cut look. The treats you made look darling...You are just so talented. Sammys fishy hat is adorable too. You did an awesome job on him. You also did good with the pictures of Sammy. Hope my Valentine package gets there before the 14th. Can't depend on the Post Office being extremely efficient...Happy Valentines Day

Uncle Bob and Aunt Jill

Grandma and Grandpa said...

We loved the video of Ella swimming she looks like she has it down pretty good. Interesting about your mileage on the cars. Anxious to hear about the brakes though. Sammy looks good with the hair cut and his hats. Yep we got ours and they are good (thanks).

jenn said...

I am so very impressed by both the home haircut (so tough on boys for me!) and the hat! Adorable!