Lindsey Vonn's Banana Bread

I was reading the local news online and came across an article titled Lindsey Vonn's banana bread recipe. I was planning on making banana bread today anyways so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Oh..My...Gosh...it's the best ever! Needless to say my lunch today consisted of banana bread and I'm stuffed!

So if you want the recipe you can go here.

The only thing I had to change from the recipe was that I didn't have any milk chocolate chips. I just used the Nestle semi-sweet, which were really good too! Instead of using one big bread loaf I always make 4 small bread loafs. They seem to cook up better and the kids and I like the smaller size.

Make and enjoy. Don't bother coming over here because mine will be all gone!


Becky said...

sounds yummy, my MIL makes the best home made banana bread, it's so good, but i always end up eating way too much of it!