March Into March

I'm very excited to see March on my calendar instead of February! Especially since it's been so nice outside. I even took down some of the Christmas lights today, yay!!

I'm getting ready to start my seedling's inside in the next couple of weeks. Ella told me that she wanted her own garden, so we're going to have one big one for me and another smaller one for Ella. She wanted daisies and sunflowers. She also wanted lots of fruit but after I explained to her that most fruit grows on trees she's okay with strawberries and gourds. I'm sure she'll want more things in there too, but we'll just have to see.

She's been running a slight fever over the weekend with no other symptoms, but tonight it went up to 102 so I took her to Target to get checked out. Turns out one of her eardrums had ruptured. That would explain the fever with no other symptoms. I even asked her if anything hurt and she always said no. Although tonight she said her ear was a little crusty. :)

So she's on antibiotics and some ear drops. She'll be fine. I mean she is fine other than the unexplained (now explained) fever. She can even go to school (which is good because she did today). Her ear infection from last month probably never totally cleared up in the one ear. We'll go back in a couple weeks to make sure that everything is all good.

Speaking of going to school today I totally overslept this morning. The alarm went off, but not really so I didn't hear it. Woke up about 5-10 minutes before the bus came. Needless to say we missed the bus, but I got her and Sam up and ate breakfast before I drove her to school. She got there about the same time as normal and didn't miss a beat. The kids were still being dropped off by the buses. Although I'm kind of beat from running around all morning like a crazy lady. Rest assured I will not do that again any time soon!