It's February and there's still no snow on the ground! Yes, I'm loving this winter. I remember back in November and December saying oh just one more week without snow and winter will seem shorter. Now I don't really care if it snows because it won't be around too long. The kids would like some snow to play in though. I kept telling them not to worry because it always snows - well at least I don't remember a winter where there wasn't any snow. I'm still sure we'll get something - maybe???

Sorry about the radio silence around here. There really isn't anything going on. January and February are just really slow and boring. We went to Monster Jam in January. Sam got over his croup just in time to be able to make the show. He had a fever for a few days and even Saturday morning, but it was gone by lunch and we made the show that evening. 

Our tickets were for a suite which we were excited about, but didn't realize that we had the best suite in the house - the Vikings Legends Club!! That place was fabulous! There was a bar right there and two bathrooms - right there!! The bathroom's were probably the best part, especially with two children.

Sitting in a regular seat now will seem pretty sad compared to this. The kids had a great time and so did we.

They even had some car racing in between the Monster trucks. They had trailers attached to their cars this time. It was pretty comical.

What else????

Last weekend Sam took a scissors to the top of his head resulting in a very short haircut. I will have to go back in a week or so and even it out once the shorter hairs grow back a bit.

And that's been our last few weeks in a nutshell. Sam has a Valentine's party next week, both kids have dentist appointments next week and that's about it for February. 

I've been making lists and getting excited for gardening this year. I'll be ordering a few things for the garden to help in the growing and spacing of the things I'll be planting. Spring can't come soon enough!!