Sam has the croup. Was hoping I'd never have to say that. I figured by now we wouldn't ever get that around here. On Tuesday he was just fine, but had this little cough once in a while. Strange, but nothing to be worried about. On Wednesday he started that barking cough a little bit and even though we've never had that around here it is really distinctive and I knew that's what it was. 

He took a nap around four in the afternoon and I went to check on him around six. He had just woken up and was panicking because he couldn't breathe well and was coughing uncontrollably. After getting him calmed down he was doing better, but I called Zan to make sure he got his butt home so I could take Sam in to either urgent care or the hospital. 

After Zan got home to stay with Ella we went to the urgent care. He definitely had croup and they gave him an oral medication and a nebulizer treatment. He slept all night through really well. (Not so well for me.) Today he has a little cough, but I haven't heard any barking coughs, so we're getting better. He's currently playing in his room with his robots. 

He's trying really hard to get better because we have tickets for Monster Jam on Saturday. I'm sure he'll be just fine by then. We'll be in a suite too! I think that might make it more enjoyable for me anyways.