Snow Day

Today we had our first snow day this year and last year as well. It was very slushy and wet outside, perfect for playing in the snow. Our power was also out for a couple hours this morning, made an interesting and far too early morning around here. 

I absolutely detest shoveling snow that is mostly water. It's just so heavy!! Thankfully we have wonderful neighbors. One of our neighbors (honestly can't say for sure which one) saw me out shoveling early this morning and he plowed my driveway out with his truck and plow. It was so nice of him. I think he was just tooling around the neighborhood this morning enjoying the snow anyways.

Here are some pictures of the kids playing in the snow. They made a huge snowball and just had fun playing in the sticky snow. If you happen to be playing outside with Sam you have to watch out because he will tackle you if he feels like it. :)