Lent started on Wednesday and this year for lent I decided to give up sugar. By sugar I mean anything containing any type of refined sugar. I can still have fruit and other things that have naturally occurring sugars, honey, real maple syrup, etc. 

I'm now finding that pretty much anything packaged contains sugar. Even if it's just a little bit, they throw it in for fun. I made sloppy joe's the other night and I couldn't have any because the sauce has a little sugar in it. 

I've been putting honey in my oatmeal for quite a while, so my breakfast hasn't changed and I buy real maple syrup already anyways. The first couple days I had a lingering headache like when I stopped drinking caffeine. The headaches have passed but the sugar craving is still there. 

I don't really have to change the way I cook much I just need to read labels more because there are small amounts of sugar in many, many things. I'm trying to go more plant-based diet anyways, so this is helping me sort of branch out a little and try some new things.