Random Bulleted List

Here's my update from the past week -- in bullet form.

* My Internet just locked up on my and now I have to type this whole post out again. I was almost done with it before it crashed.

* We've made good progress on the playhouse. We put up the walls on top of the deck last night.

* Ella cracks me up when she tells Sam that they toys don't understand them because they only speak Spanish. Then they proceed to say a few Spanish words. Thank you Dora!

* Friday afternoon a 2-Liter soda bottle fell out of the refrigerator and landed bottle cap side down on my foot. I thought it might have been broken, but after a few hours it was starting to get better.

* I just finished grooming Romeo. I started in June and for the past few months he's looked like a badly groomed poodle. At least he's blind and can't see himself.

* We picked up most of Ella's school supplies this morning. I can't believe that school starts in one month.

* The house next door to us sold. I'm very interested to see who moves in. For those of you who wanted to live next door to us there is still the lot behind us available. :)

* I made grape jelly last week. I currently have apples simmering on the stove to make apple juice with. I will then make apple jelly with that.

* I feel like I'm forgetting something since I had to start over...

* I made and have been using homemade deodorant for a couple weeks and love it!! I'll have to do a separate post on that one though.

* Ella loves it when I make popcorn in the afternoons and give her a little bowl all for herself.

I think that's about all for now!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

To loose everthing you have written is tough it has also happened to me.

The playhouse is looking great I bet Ella is excited with the progress.
We loved the comment on toys speaking Spanish. Your foot does look sore I bet that did hurt(a lot). Hope you guys like your new neighbors, it would have been nice if someone you know purchased a lot next door.

Is Ella looking forward to school? Have you met her new teacher? I bet she feels special getting her own popcorn. (Nice touch).

I think doing your own deodorant is being brave, but it's good to have faith. By the way if your grape jam is as good as your applesauce it will be a hit.