The Fair

We headed out this morning to the fair. I've been dying to go since it opened, but with the delay comes beautiful weather. It's the nicest day we've had in a long time. It was so nice to open the windows this morning and let the cooler, drier air come right in.

If you recall I entered my raspberry jam into the canning competition at the fair. Well guess what??? I won first place in the raspberry jam division!!

I'm so excited and proud of my jam! I can't wait to enter more things next year. The kids had a fun time at the fair too. They loved checking out the tractors and Bobcats.

The food is always good. In fact it's my favorite thing about the fair. It's a good thing it's only once a year because it's so not good for you and quite expensive.

The kids favorite is definitely the cotton candy. They gobbled it down with their sticky fingers.

After the fair we went to REI. Yesterday we bought a canoe!! It was a pretty good deal on a used one. It's an aluminum canoe that's older than I am. I actually didn't know how old it was until I saw the registration on it. It's in great shape and will last us many, many years. They made them quite well back then. So we had to go buy another paddle and some attachments for the car. We'll have fun using the canoe. The kids will really enjoy getting out on the water. Maybe doing a little fishing too.

Only three weeks until school starts! Ella got her packet in the mail yesterday that had her teacher's name and other information. The summer is going by way too fast!!


Queen Bee said...

congratulations on your prize-winning jam!! mmm. thinking about it makes me hungry!

i smiled at the pictures of the kids in the tractor tires. i remember standing like that as a kid on the farm.

canoeing sounds like fun. i'm such a weinie though and have never gone! there is a local shop not too far from us that has rentals for people to use on a small river, but i have yet to work up the nerve to try it.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Loved the news on you're jam, blue ribbon that's great.(FYI..I love jam.). The pictures of the kids were great including the one with dad in it. Mom should have been included. Something about that cotton candy I think all ages love it. But when you young and have never had it WOW! Would have loved to seen their faces when they started eating it. I also agree that the best the fair is the food but I really love the games also.

We were happy to hear about the canoe.

The the way the kids here start school tomorrow. I can't beleive that it seems so early.