Crazy Busy"ness"

I realize that I haven't been on here much, but I've been so busy lately.

I canned peaches today for the first time. They turned out well. I need to get more peaches. I also wish that peaches grew here locally. They will be nice to have in the middle of winter though.

The kids and I went shopping a little today. We found their Halloween costumes! They are very cute and weren't as expensive as I was thinking so it was great to get that done.

I was organizing my pantry (for all my new canned items) and found that I have 8 cartons of chicken broth that will be going bad, so I also have to make bunches of chicken noodle soup and freeze that for the winter.

I also need to continue with my painting of the playhouse. The weather is finally nice, but the food has taken a priority over that.

My package from JoAnn's came today with my Velcro. I've been selling my reusable sandwich bags on E-Bay and they've been selling really well, so I need to make more, but I didn't have anymore Velcro. Now I have those to make also.

See...I've been very busy.

I told you that I would put pictures up of the trip to the zoo last week and I usually follow up on these things. :) Nana and I took cousin Damien, Ella and Sam to the Como Zoo. They loved the butterfly exhibit and the new baby giraffe was really cute too!


Queen Bee said...

very busy but it all sounds like fun!

i love cooking meals and freezing them for later- so handy!

we were thinking about Halloween costumes over the weekend.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Sounds like you have been busy canning,love those canned peaches. Hard to believe we are talking about Halloween already. It won't be long and it will be christmas stuff. We could not believe last year "Younkers" had their christ-mas merchandise in on Labor Day weekend. The playhouse is looking great anxious to see the final picture. Speaking of pictures the kids looked great and you could see they were really enjoyoing the day. Glad to hear that the sandwich bags are going great.