Laundry Room

Our laundry room is right inside the door to the garage. It can get a little tight when there are more than just one or two people in the room. There is a closet also in that room. We'd contemplated taking out the closet and moving the washer and drying into that space thus creating a more open entry area.

Unfortunately this would be quite an expense and mess, so we've decided to hold off on that decision for now. I had a shelf in the closet to hold my laundry soap and other essentials in it. I told Zan that I wanted cabinets over the washer and drying to hold these things.

Yesterday I remembered that I had some shelving that we were no longer using. I had Zan cut the boards to the size I needed and hung them up myself. Ella and I went to pick out some bins for the shelves.

I bring you my new laundry area that only cost us $25 for bins.

You can see the edge of the closet door next to the washer. I took the shelf out of that closet and it's great.

We're going to build a shelf for inside the closet that will include a space for shoes and other things. The closet isn't too big and you can't hang anything in the closet behind the door because the door will hit it when open. So building a shelf back there is a great use of that space and will make the closet much more user friendly.

Zan loves it when I get on an organizing kick!!! I'm sure he can't wait for my next project! :)


Anonymous said...

Laundry room update looks great. I bet Ella had fun shopping for bins.

How's the garden? Did you end up having to battle birds and insects?

Grandma and Grandpa said...

I just started to sign out and it went to anonymous. Not that you couldn't figure it out.