Monster Jam!!!

Zan got tickets through work for the Monster Jam in town. So we took the kids (way past their bedtime) and headed down to the dome. Neither of us had been to one of these "shows" before but we had a really good time. The kids had a great time too. Sam was a little shaken with how loud it was at first. They had ear plugs in but some of the sudden loud noises made him jump.

Ella had a great time, but when asked if she wanted to go again she said no. I think it was getting a little late for them. There was a little too much down time that they didn't like and got bored, but overall a very entertaining "show". We got back to the car around 10:30; slowly squeezed our way out of downtown and made it home before 11:30.

Here's the new Advance Auto Parts truck Grinder. It's a cool truck!

The famous Grave Digger.

Here are some other random shots too.


Queen Bee said...

:) that's awesome! even if you never go again, the kids will remember the experience. so fun.

we've been thinking about taking Logan to one of those shows too. i think i may hold off until June when we have a big tractor pull competition at our fairgrounds because he loves those so much!

Mom and Dad said...

Nice break. It is nice to be able to stay up later every now and then. I bet the trucks and noise did open Ella and Sammy's eyes, but it is nice to get well rounded. Really liked that picture of Ella w/ daddy. It's kinda one of those action pictures that need to be framed.