Extra Layer Required

Long underwear is usually reserved for those days where you're outside skiing or snowshoeing, but here, today, I am wearing my long underwear top. (I think there were far too many comma's in that sentence, but I like it.)

It is so incredibly cold outside today! Thank goodness for the sunshine. We had such a nice November that I was hoping for an extended fall and a shorter winter. Not going to be the case I guess. The first day of winter arrives this weekend sometime, so the days will start getting longer once again. Then about a month from that it's technically the coldest days of the year, so the days should start getting warmer again, right?

I do this every year. I look for signs of spring starting in December. Don't get me wrong, I really like the snow. It's just the bitter cold that I don't like. Really don't like.

Sam and I just got back from a trip (outside in the freezing cold) to the grocery store. We had to pick up the last few things needed to make the Christmas cookies. I really should get started on that.

Gifts are all bought, they just need to be found (I hide them a little too well and in too many different places sometimes.) and wrapped. And if you're on my Christmas card list you should be getting your card in the mail in the next day or so. Tis the season!


Queen Bee said...

:) we've had on long johns too!

that's funny that you mentioned that you start looking for signs of spring already because my family hs always done that too- my dad especially. i don't mind winter, but i certainly look forward to those warm spring days!