Snow Day

Yesterday was Ella's first snow day. I was hoping that she wouldn't have school so I wouldn't have to go out in the freezing, windy, snowy day. There were quite a few schools in the area that did have school so I wasn't sure, but I did get to go back to bed and stay inside. At least until I went outside in the afternoon to shovel.

I took the day off from painting to try and get some things organized around here. My yarn has been stuffed in plastic bags then stuffed in the closet in here. I've been looking for some way to organize it all at a reasonable price. On Tuesday Sam and I went to Target and found the perfect little storage system for only $16.99!! It's perfect and fits great in the closet.



Much better, no? I'm very excited to have it all ready for me when I need it.

Ella did have school today and since it's below zero with way below zero wind chills we bundled up in snow boots and snow pants. She has new pants and boots that keep her nice and warm. She had fun playing in the snow pile at the bus stop.

When the bus came to pick her up the bus driver told me that he can pick her up in front of our house since he goes around the block and doubles back. I think this might have changed recently as some road construction has been finished. She gets dropped off at the house but we've had to walk to the end of the street (only 2-3 houses down) to get on the bus. This will be very nice. The great thing is we can see the bus pull into the street and go around so we won't have to wait outside very long at all.


Queen Bee said...

brr! it's been frigid here too. that will great to have Ella get on the bus in front of your house!

the organizer looks great!

Mom and Dad said...

What organization looks great. Did Ella like her first snow day? We have tried not to venture to much outside. Mostly for work only. Hey have not seen anything of your Christmas tree do you have it decorated? Bet Sammy likes running around with his mom.