The Bulleted List

Every once in a while there really isn't anything specific that I need to share. So on those rare occasions we will use the bulleted list system.

* School is going really well for Ella. She's now getting up a little easier in the morning. I'm still having trouble, but will get through it. She hops right on the bus and runs off to greet us when she's done.

* We close on our house in one week. It's been the slowest week ever! I'm getting everything ready to get moved and organized. I'm so excited to finally move and just can't wait to be all in.

* Ella is selling cookie dough through her school. They are using the profits to put in smartboards for their school and some playground equipment. If you'd like to order some please let me know. This would be for local family/friends and grandma/grandpa because we'll see you soon after. The order forms are due back October 5th.

* Ella started Sunday school again this year and is having a fun time there also. Sam loves playing in the nursery during church time. It's a nice quiet hour for me as well!!

* I've been loving these nice cool fall days that we have here. We could use the rain, but I'm hoping that it holds off until they put the sod on our yard. That should be done late this week or early next week.

* I have fewer bulleted thoughts than I thought I had. I'm going to try posting here more frequently, but over the next couple weeks that might be difficult.

That's all, hope everyone has a great week!


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Beautiful sunrise. I don't know if you ever get use to getting up early, but coming off daylite savings time will be a big help. It is nice that Ella jumps right on the bus and loves school and really neat that she is just as happy to get home. The bullet system is a good idea. Also we like the updates, your right they don't always have to be pictures.