Oh What A Beautiful Morning...

Even though I was up early it was a very pretty sunrise.

Now I'm not one to generally be up before the sun rises, but I do like seeing the sunrise and it was especially pretty this morning. Sorry for the picture quality though. I was in a hurry and it didn't look blurry on my camera.

On the way to the bus stop this morning we saw a bald eagle sitting atop a tree on the shore of the lake. It was still there when I drove back by it. They are such a sight to see.

We have been notified that there is a chance our mortgage won't be finished before closing and it might have to be pushed back. As of this morning odds are pretty good that it will be done though. If you could spare any "easy close on time" good thoughts they would be much appreciated. Who would have thought that our mortgage would take 2 months longer than it took to build the house???


Queen Bee said...

aww, the waiting must be so frutrating. hope you don't have to wait much longer! i can't wait to see pics of the house once you are all settled in.

also, i have a surprise for you over on my blog! :)