Bubbles and Bows

The kids have been enjoying the bubble maker out in the yard. I've been enjoying it because I don't pass out from blowing bubbles.

BOWS: Need I say more? Sam LOVES wearing Ella's bows in his hair. He thinks he looks so cute!

Update on House:
We stopped out last night and were very pleasantly surprised with the progress. They had insulated the whole house and had most of the siding on. Sheet rocking will be next. The color of the house is the closest to the actual color on the close-up of the front porch. It seems to look a little dark on the back photos.


Prayer Request

I know I don't get too many readers to my blog, but a few. Poor little Stellan (see sidebar - click to visit site) is not doing well and any prayers would be appreciated. He's such a sweet little boy and such a trooper.



Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago and had a great time. Our favorite thing was the butterfly exhibit. The butterflies are just all flying around. Ella had so many land on her. She must have smelled so sweet!

We took our traditional photos on the turtle also. This was Sam's first year on the turtle. It's Ella's third year.

I finally got all of Ella's paperwork in to her school (with the move and currently being out of the district there was additional paperwork.) So she's ready to go. She will have an open house next month and get to meet her teacher.

I ordered and received the shower curtain, towels and bath mat for the kids new bathroom. You can check out the pattern here


More Pictures

Well we finally got the Internet up and running. Since it doesn't take 10 minutes to download a photo I'm going to put up some more from Ella's birthday party last month.

Here's a picture of the house wrapped and windowed...


THE House

I thought it was about time to put up photos of the house being built. It only took them about a week and a half to finish the framing. They are fast and I love it!

Now for a general reference when looking at the front of the house the garage is on the left. The front door in the middle and the living room window on the right. There is a small window to the left of the front door also, that is the bathroom. On the upper level front the left window will be the extra bedroom, the middle window is just the foyer window in the entry and the window on the right will be Ella's room.

The last picture is the back. The lower left window is the family room then there's the dining room/deck/patio door. Then the kitchen window on the right. You can also see the egress window on the lower left for the basement. On the upper level left window is Sam's room, the middle window is the master bathroom and the right window is the master bedroom.


I'm Back!!!!

Well, I'm sort of back. Zan managed to get us Internet from our phone onto the computer. Yeah! The real Internet should be up and running in a couple days.

We haven't been doing too much exciting around here. I downloaded about 700 or so pictures today. Wow, that took a while. We went to the Como Zoo yesterday and had a really good time. The kids loved the butterfly exhibit and Ella had quite a few butterflies land on her. I'll post some pics soon.

The house is looking really good. They have all the first and second level framing completed. The only thing left is the roof. I'm guessing they'll have that done this week. I'll post pics of those too.

I did go through and edit some photos from our last trip to Sioux Falls and I will post a couple of those. (I'll do more later. Slow Internet now.) Since those are the oldest ones I have.


Happy 4th of July

Another week with no Internet. If I didn't have this phone I don't know what I'd do. The cable people were supposed to be here Wednesday but they didn't show up. No phone call, nothing. I find that so rude! Hopefully we'll be up and running soon.

The foundation has been finished on the house and there's gravel in the driveway, but they haven't done any work on the house since Tuesday. I am not the most patient person and having the house sitting there really sucks! They had better get moving next week!

We're just hanging around the house here today relaxing. We should be able to see the fireworks from the house here tonight. I don't generally let the kids stay up, mean mommy I know, but they'll have many years when they get a little older.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!!

*** The fireworks were great. Sam did go to bed before they started. He was really tired. Ella stayed up and really loved them. About halfway through though she really wanted to go to bed. She was all tuckered out. A good time was had by all!