I'm Back!!!!

Well, I'm sort of back. Zan managed to get us Internet from our phone onto the computer. Yeah! The real Internet should be up and running in a couple days.

We haven't been doing too much exciting around here. I downloaded about 700 or so pictures today. Wow, that took a while. We went to the Como Zoo yesterday and had a really good time. The kids loved the butterfly exhibit and Ella had quite a few butterflies land on her. I'll post some pics soon.

The house is looking really good. They have all the first and second level framing completed. The only thing left is the roof. I'm guessing they'll have that done this week. I'll post pics of those too.

I did go through and edit some photos from our last trip to Sioux Falls and I will post a couple of those. (I'll do more later. Slow Internet now.) Since those are the oldest ones I have.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Welcome back we missed you. Would liked to have seen the kids in the butterfly house. Hope you got a picture of Ella with a few of them on her. She really does love them I would like to have seen her reaction. We enjoyed the pictures of you house that you emailed. FYI out neighbor to the south had a bolt of lightening strike their tree. Thanks again for the update.