Bubbles and Bows

The kids have been enjoying the bubble maker out in the yard. I've been enjoying it because I don't pass out from blowing bubbles.

BOWS: Need I say more? Sam LOVES wearing Ella's bows in his hair. He thinks he looks so cute!

Update on House:
We stopped out last night and were very pleasantly surprised with the progress. They had insulated the whole house and had most of the siding on. Sheet rocking will be next. The color of the house is the closest to the actual color on the close-up of the front porch. It seems to look a little dark on the back photos.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

The progress on the house is great, it really is taking shape. Ella always liked chasing the bubbles and it looks like they are both having so much fun.

Uncle Bob and Auntie Jill said...

Finally, I got back into the Swanson Blog. I have missed so many of the pictures. Sammy is quite the stud with those bows in his hair. Love the pictures of the kids. I don't think they take bad pictures. It is exciting to see the progress on the house. It looks awesome. I think the construction is going quickly. I didn't think there would be any progress until end of August. Can not wait to see it in person.
One quick question...where are the kid's sunglasses?
I imagine Sammy won't keep his on. If you can't find the sunglasses let me know. I know where I can get some at a good price.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Jill