THE House

I thought it was about time to put up photos of the house being built. It only took them about a week and a half to finish the framing. They are fast and I love it!

Now for a general reference when looking at the front of the house the garage is on the left. The front door in the middle and the living room window on the right. There is a small window to the left of the front door also, that is the bathroom. On the upper level front the left window will be the extra bedroom, the middle window is just the foyer window in the entry and the window on the right will be Ella's room.

The last picture is the back. The lower left window is the family room then there's the dining room/deck/patio door. Then the kitchen window on the right. You can also see the egress window on the lower left for the basement. On the upper level left window is Sam's room, the middle window is the master bathroom and the right window is the master bedroom.


Queen Bee said...

it looks nice and big with plenty of room to grow! :)

Mom and Dad said...

The house looks great!!! Zan thinks it looks so much bigger with the 2nd story on. We are really excited for you guys.Shan, I bet you already have it all decorated in your head. So what is the approximate finish date? Will talk later.