Our First Auto Show

We all headed down to the Auto Show today. Ella was very excited to see all the cars. Let's just say she was not disappointed! She sat in a few and really liked them all. She especially liked the one that looked like Nana's car.

There were a couple great quotes from the show:

"Ella, what was your favorite car?" "The red one!"
"Dad, listen to mommy!" (This was my favorite)


Anonymous said...

Wow...I had a little catching up to do. Sammy looks so grown up with his hair cut. And Ella in her swimming suit is sooooo cute!!!!What a sweetheart. I do see the resemblance between Shannon and Ella...a very strong resemblance. That is a good thing. I'm very proud of my goddaughter's swimming accomplishments. I am proud of what ever Sammy and Ella do.
I get to see everybody on Wednesday. I can't wait to show everybody off to Kathy. I'm so proud of everybody.
Aunt Jill and Uncle Bob and Cody.