Sammy's New Socks

I ordered Sammy some BabyLegs. Basically they are leg warmers for babies. Aren't they cute??? Zan's still not so sure, but as someone who takes care of him and changes diapers they are really nice! They make diaper changes easier and I think that Sam likes how comfortable they are and he can move around more easily. Plus did I mention how cute they are?? They have so many different patterns that it's easy to get carried away, but I'm only allowed to get a couple.

He has really started rolling around too. I put him on his play gym mat and went upstairs with Ella for two minutes. When I came back down he had rolled across the room and had her shoe in his mouth!!! If he sees it now he just rolls over to get it. I guess we've got to keep a better eye on him now!

We are all excited to see Jill on Wednesday! Especially Ella, who also keeps asking if Bob is coming too...but she's okay with just Jill as long as I mention that we'll see Bob soon.


Anonymous said...

I like Sammy's new socks. Let me know where you get them and maybe they will show up in the mail some day. Had an really nice time on Wednesday. Sammy has gotten so big and what a doll. I think he misses his Aunt Jill because when I walked into the house he was crying. But then I got to hold him and he was just fine:-).
Ella was fun. She liked Kathy as Kathy thought Ella was quite a doll.Of course I agreed.
Thanks you guys for a really nice afternoon.
Aunt Jill