Sammy's First Word(s)

So Sammy's first word was ba ba. It's all he's been saying all night long. ba ba ba ba. Then just before bed he started saying bob. So uncle Bob can be all proud that Sammy can say his name! I also weighed him tonight and he's over 16.5 pounds! Little chunker!


Anonymous said...

Uncle Bob is very honored that he was Sammy's first word. I don't think I can let him come to visit the kids anymore because they seem to bond with him better than their "wonderful" Aunt. I told Bob about Sammy and he didn't believe me. I had to show him the page it was on.
Just got back this evening from DesMoines from the Optometric Convention. Tired and worn out too. Going to bed and try to get rested for next week.
Love you all.

Aunt Jill and UNCLE Bob