Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! We had a fun day here. The kids got up and found their Easter baskets along with a few eggs hidden around. I should say Ella did, Sammy watched. She had a really good time and is very excited with everything the Easter bunny brought her. Here's a photo I took this morning.

Ella then found her Easter basket...

All in all a good day. We headed over to Nana and Papa's after church. Their cousins were there as well and they all had a good time playing with each other. They are nicely tucked in bed now just worn out. Me too!!

Today is also a good day for Sam. He was sitting all by himself today! He's been trying hard lately but was pretty tippy. He sat for a long time without falling over, so I'll be marking this one in the books!!

I've also been playing with Photoshop lately and having just a hard time figuring everything out. It really is not easy to use! Here's a photo I was messing with tonight.