Merry Christmas from the Swanson family!! We started off yesterday going to church at 3, then we headed to Nana and Papa's. The kids all had a good time playing and opening presents. As usual the packaging was a big hit! :) Ella got a tea set, some food for her kitchen, a star pin (sparklies!), many ornaments. Sammy got some cars (Ella is trying to claim those as hers too!), and many ornaments also.

We made it home in time to get to bed before Santa came (10:00). Luckily everyone slept in until 8:30. Sammy slept the latest and we had to get him up. Such a good sleeper!! Santa brought Ella many cars, some Playdoh, books, paints. We also got her a sled and some snow shoes. Sammy got the Ocean Wonders Aquarium for his crib, some Link a doo's and a few other toys.

Here's the tree before and after at our house! We hope you all have a great Christmas!


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