I fixed the dishwasher!!!

So I told Zan to take out the dishwasher and just look to see if everything looks hooked up right and take a look see. I figured it couldn't hurt...so he does just that. Hooked it back up and tried it, nothing. Well I guess it was worth a shot. Meanwhile, I decided to just look out on the Internet for any ideas. I'm reading and everything I see talks about a switch under the sink. I don't know if we have one or not, so I went to look. There is one and it isn't switched on. Zan said he saw it, but thought it was for the garbage disposal. We turned it on and the dishwasher now works!! Now we will always look for switches!!

Now if we can only get the refrigerator to work properly. It doesn't cool/freeze as well as it should. The ice cream is soft and the milk isn't as cold as it should be. I've turned it to as cold as it will go. We pulled it out and I vacuumed behind it, we'll see if that helps. If not you can bet I'll be out on the Internet looking for other easy solutions.

Well since I didn't have a picture of the switch, I'll just put up another cute one...

This is just a cute picture of Sammy after his bath. He likes his towel. He likes to show off his muscles too! :)

This is "tummy time". Ella likes to join in. Sammy's getting pretty good too. Today he lifted his head up all the way and was smiling at me. He also put his knees under himself a bit. He'll be rolling over before long.

I went to lunch with the girls today and had a good time. The malls were just packed though and it was hard to find a parking space. Zan said that I couldn't go out much anymore. I guess Sam was giving him a hard time. I find that hard to believe because he's always such a good boy for me. I think he just likes his mommy!

Oh, and Sammy was such a good boy and slept for 9 1/2 hours straight last night! He's been sleeping for 6,7 or 8 hours, but wow this is the best yet. He does wiggle himself down to the bottom of the crib too. He's even swaddled tight!! My little wiggle worm.