Happy 4th of July

I hope you're all having a great holiday. Man it's so hot outside!! Zan's out there with the kids in the little pool. I just can't sit out there for too long because it's just too hot for me. I'd rather hang out inside doing whatever. I finished up the bed yesterday and we've got it in our bedroom now! Pictures later.

For now I have pictures from our trip to Sioux Falls. We had a great time! Weather was so nice too. 

Other than that there's really not much going on here. I got all of Ella's school supplies yesterday! It can be hard to find some of the exact things you need so since I saw Target put them out I went and got them. All she needs is a couple notebooks and some shoes for gym class. I'm way ahead of the game on this one. :)

Here are pictures from Sioux Falls: Lots of pictures!!



Grandma and Grandpa said...

Enjoyed you pictures they were all great. Also "The Falls" look nice in the background, but with you guys up front they even looked better.

The "4th" was hot here also. I think Ryan built up a lot of resistance to the heat and sun while he was a lifeguard.

The bed and everything looked great you do nice work.

Can't believe you already have school supplies. I would say that you are always ahead of the game.