Garden Update

I've been meaning to post some pictures of the garden for a while, but I've been forgetting. It's growing so much better than it did last year! 

My gourd and squash plants are threatening to take over the entire garden!! I was out there today prying the gourd plants off the bean fence. I haven't done too much to get them off the back fence, but they're growing over the fence in the back too. Tomato plants are getting huge and the cucumbers are trying to eat the peppers. 

All in all it's growing very well. I just need to rethink my placement for next year. I planted according to how they grew last year and since they're growing three times bigger this year I'm just having space issues. That and Zan won't let me increase the garden size. :)

The top picture is of most the garden. Starting from left to right are peas, green beans, onions (they're under the gourds), gourds, squash, cucumber, peppers, carrots and tomatoes. On the other side of the tomatoes are raspberries and strawberries. (You can see the raspberries in the bottom picture.)



Grandma and Grandpa said...

Holy cow!!! Its a jungle! You will not have any free time once harvest time starts. Rows and rows of goodies in your pantry.