Dusting Off The Sawdust

The saw's been working and so has my hammer and paint brush. This morning we moved our new headboard upstairs into the bedroom. I wanted to get it out of the garage even though I still need to make the bed frame. I put this together last week and it took four days to stain it. I always have a picture in my mind of how I want things to turn out and they rarely turn out as lovely as they are in my head but this one did and I'm very pleased!

The bed frame shouldn't take me long and I'm very excited to get it all done and put together!


Sarah said...

That is lovely!! Very nice. You know what's funny -- we have never had a headboard and just last week my BIL gifted us their old bed frame/dressers. They're not spectacular by any means but we will have a headboard. OMG!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Vicki likes your headboard and brought it to my attention. I agree.