Sunday Funday

Well, not really, but it rhymed.

It's going to get cold this week, so I went out to the garden and picked all the tomatoes and pulled the plants. Red and green they all came inside. They had to have weighed at least 50 pounds because I had a hard time getting them from the garden into the house.

The green ones will ripen over time. I pulled out all the ripe ones this morning and was going to cut them up and freeze them. I diced them and packed them into ~about one can size~, which is approximately 2 cups. I ended up with 13 packages. That was maybe a quarter of the tomatoes I have here. At least they aren't all ripe or I would have been in the kitchen all day instead of just this morning. 

I made some spiderwebs in our stairway that were really quick and simple and are super cute. I might have to do some more.

Here's Sam playing with their ship. Didn't you know Bumblebee rode on a ship? Yeah, neither did I....

And last, but not least one of Ella's drawings. This is a bunch of worms. There are two queen worms and other various fat and skinny worms. (Her words; not mine.)



Grandma and Grandpa said...

cute Halloween decorations. How do you go up the steps? We really loved the birthday videos. I can't believe Sammy is 4. You really have a bunch of tomatoes! I just finished pulling all of mine out too. I threw a bunch away because I don't have time to do anything with them. I guess I have about 25 of them. I tried your relish last night. It was really good! Keep on cooking!

We have enjoyed your pictures. Loved the bats and spiderwebs. Ella's picture was interesting. Wonder where she got the idea to do a picture of worms? Anyway it was interesting. You had a great tomatoe crop this year. In fact I think all the garden was a big hit.

Grandma and Grandpa said...

How about tomato crop instead of tomatoe crop. When I reread it I didn't think a tomato had any toes.