In case you thought that last picture Ella made of worms was a one time thing - nope, she does it all the time. Each page has a different theme if you will and she goes through all her colors so she doesn't repeat any.

Yesterday's drawing - dragons.

She just whips those things out in a jiffy and moves on to the next one. We go through an amazing amount of paper around here. Especially since she's teaching Sam how fun it is to draw different things. 

They're just too cute though. I have quite the stash of saved drawings.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Last night we went back to the worm picture because we liked it so much. Ella really has talent. Each worm was different, each one had a happy face, and we got different profiles on each one (front and each side). The spacing was great none of the little guys touched each other. The spacing was balanced and the way they were laid out appeared to be an actual design.

Also loved the dragons they had a lot of personality.

Queen Bee said...

She draws very well!!